Transwestern, a privately held, national commercial real estate firm has volunteered to help Secure the Call by holding a one-month drive at over 75 office buildings that they manage in the cities of Chicago and Washington, DC. In partnership with Wasteless Environmental, the nations largest waste reduction consulting firm and ???, a ????, Secure the Call will be providing collection barrels with customized signs in most of their buildings located in two of the biggest office markets in the country. Our thanks to Robert Durrell and Stan Smith for pushing this to completion at their firms.

Luckily for Secure the Call, both Transwestern and Wasteless Environmental are national organizations with offices located throughout the United States and Canada. Hopefully, this will be the start of beautiful relationship and will lead to collection drives at big office buildings everywhere. As a collection site, large office buildings do very well for us. Last week, a building in Dallas held a similar drive and in a little over four weeks collected over 75 phones!

To get a collection barrel for your building, give us a call. You can use our generic sign for the barrel or we can customize a sign for your company.