Location, Location, Location. Two months ago, a bank in North Carolina that permanently hosts our barrel moved their collection bin from a remote corner where very few of their customers knew it was there to a nice spot in the bank where you had to see it if you stood in the teller line. The difference was remarkable. For the past two years that they’ve been collecting for us, the barrel would fill up every three to four months. Now, it’s filling up every six weeks.

It turns out; they only moved the barrel less than ten feet. But what a difference ten feet can make. We love every company and organization that helps us collect the phones we need for our program. And we’re grateful for all the work you do for Secure the Call. As an all-volunteer organization, we rely solely on the generosity of the community for everything we do. We would never tell anyone where to place their barrel. That’s always up to you. But as in real estate – Location, Location, Location.