Phone Program FAQs

Click here if you or someone you know is in need of a free 911 phone, contact the Community Partner closest to you.

What is Secure the Call?

Secure the Call is a nonprofit charity dedicated to providing free emergency 911 cell phones to people that need them. With the heightened state of alert that the country is facing and the ever-present threat of terrorism, we believe that it is more important than ever for people to be able to get help in an emergency.

Who benefits from the efforts of Secure the Call?

Secure the Call will benefit people who would otherwise not be able to obtain a 911 emergency cell phone. The program has the potential to help tens of thousands of people. Over 250 community-based organizations have joined with Secure the Call to distribute phones to those who need them in 49 states.

What kinds of phones are you collecting?

Secure the Call accepts all makes and models of mobile phones. Most every mobile phone can be reused. Those that can’t are properly recycled to protect the environment.

What if I don’t have the charger or other accessories for my phone?

You can still donate your phone even if you do not have all of the accessories that came with it originally. That said, the more complete your donation is, the easier it will be for it to be for it to be converted into a 911 emergency phone.

If my phone does not work, can I still donate it?

Yes. When donated phones go through the reprogramming process, minor repairs can be made. Depending on the nature of the defect, there still is a chance that it can be repaired and converted into a 911 emergency phone. Lacking that, Secure the Call will see that it is responsibly recycled.

How do I donate a phone?

Donations can be dropped off at most Whole Foods Markets and Shoprite markets in the United States. . Secure the Call will also make donation boxes available to any organization that wishes to help in the collection effort (see “Hold a Drive”). You can also mail in your donation. Click here to download a mailing label to attach to your donation.

What happens to my phone after I donate it?

All phones are first checked for suitability as 911 emergency access phones. Suitable phones are then cleaned, wiped clear of software and old numbers, reprogrammed and tested. Processed phones will then be donated to one of over 250 organizations that are involved in the redistribution effort. Phones that are damaged, functionally obsolete, excessively complicated or otherwise unsuitable for use as 911 emergency access phones are responsibly recycled.

Are tax receipts for my donation available?

Yes, donors can download a tax receipt for their donation.

Is there a risk that I may get a phone bill for the next person that uses my phone?

No, as long as your phone has been disconnected from its service provider, there is no risk of getting a bill for a future user. Before a phone can be redistributed, the software in it is cleaned out, so there are not security or privacy issues.

What can I do to help?

As a young charity, we process and distribute as many phones as we possibly can. Consequently, the best and easiest thing you can do for us is to make a deductable cash donation. If you want to be involved actively in the effort, visit the VOLUNTEER section of our website.