Our Partners

Pursuit of our mission at Secure the Call requires three key efforts:

1. COLLECT used, unwanted cell phones, preventing their passage into a landfill.
2. PROCESS the phones collected to properly dispose of inappropriate phones and scrap, and to remove all private donor information from the phones to be reused.
3. DISTRIBUTE the processed phones to those in need of them for reuse as free 911 phones.

Distribution of the finished phones is done by local community agencies across the nation that we call Community Partners. The individual partner agencies answer to varied descriptions, but they share one common denominator. They all help some disadvantaged group in their local community that largely has no ready access to 911 emergency services, yet is highly at-risk of needing these services.

The two largest groups of people needing our phones are (1) Senior Citizens and (2) Domestic Abuse Victims, but there are a host of others, including refugees, felony witnesses and volunteer crossing guards. The Community Partners who serve these constituencies include Law Enforcement Agencies, Senior Centers, Domestic Abuse Shelters and Church Agencies.

All these agencies have their own often heroic missions, of which distributing our phones is just a small part. Consequently, we have very few requirements and make no demands. Community Partners do agree to distribute phones to anyone in need that requests them and generally accept responsibility for coaching the recipient in their use. All agree to distribute the phones free of charge.

If you are involved with an organization that has a constituency that might need 911 emergency-only phones, please fill out our registration form below.

If you or someone you know is in need of a free 911 phone, contact the Community Partner closest to you from the list at the bottom of the page.

Community Partner Interest Form


Community Partners